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HW #8 (a)

Monday 16 April 2012 - Filed under homework

I thought that this was a dope sleek compact dest clock with a bit of clever design in the approach of displaying time. It intrigued me because it was my idea for my midterm to the teeth… sleek and sexy. This one might have trumped mine (however mine did include a calendar … HA).

This was pretty sick. I dabble in photography and never knew how the pros produced highspeed shots. Props to arduino as one of the devices to pull it off.


Ideas for Final

Everything is kind of up in the air right now but I might

A) continue with the desk calendar/clock

B) make a wood lamp (has to be a sick design). When touched, since we can be used as a conductor (not sure if this is accurate, have to check the sources) it will turn on. when tapped again, the lamp willl turn a knotch brighter, and a third notch up. The last touch would turn it off.

C) something entirely different



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